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Why Pinocchio Did Not Get a Nose Job?

Nose jobs did not exist in Pinocchio’s time. Or he would’ve had a nose job done every time he lied. And we would not have had a Disney Classic on Pinocchio.

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Using Botox to Improve your Facial Appearance

In order to improve facial appearances, many individuals are starting to choose to remove fine lines and wrinkles through non-surgical procedures, like Botox and Soft Tissue Fillers.

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Japanese Girl Look Uber Different After Cosmetic Surgery

This Japanese girl underwent 2 plastic surgery, namely Blepharoplasty and Rhinoplasty, to get the “new” look. The new look seems more sophisticated and has a sharper look, most probably you can attribute it to the nose job. Personally, I think the eyes are brighter and have an intense look

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5 Common Ways to Shape the Nose thru Rhinoplasty

First Things First Generally speaking, the medical term rhinoplasty is used to explain the different surgical procedures for the nose including the fixing of nasal malformations, re-shaping the nose, or making slight modifications to ease any obstructions that are causing problems in/with the nose. In common layman terms, this nose surgery is called the nose […]

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More Famous People Doing Plastic Surgery?

Hardly surprising, we have more individuals, especially celebrities, models, and fashion designers opting for plastic surgery to defy natural aging, and to look even better then before. It could be peer presure, the need to match up their fans expectations, or it could be just to boost up their career.

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