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Is here anyone who knows the prices of PLASTIC SURGERY to a face?

I know a girl and I would like to help her about PLASTIC SURGERY about her face. Who is the best PLASTIC SURGERY DOCTOR and what are the Prices to make an operation?

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Do you find it disturbing how much plastic surgery Melissa Rivers has?

*~*~* asked: You would think she’d have learned after her mother had such a bad job done. I wondered how Melissa Rivers looked before surgery, and she was very pretty, now she just looks scary and plastic, and her face doesn’t move! I think she would have done so much bette for herself if she […]

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3 Popular Plastic Surgery that Go Along with Facelifts

When a facelift is done, it is a serious surgical procedure. Many people also take that time – since they are going to have surgery and have to take time to recover anyway – to get other face-related procedures done.

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What to do if your face is similar to psychopath Cho? Do I need to get plastic surgery?

superkind asked: It is so expensive to have plastic surgery. I am very disappointed with the action of Cho. Because of him, I have a hard time now to live my life. Do you think Cho hated Asians? He did the killing and destroyed the name of Korean specifically and Asian in general.

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Mini-facelift: a Popular Procedure for Some Patients

The mini-facelift is called a mini because it does most everything a full facelift does, but a little less so. It provides some correction of early signs of aging, but less than a full facelift and generally only in a focused area, especially the lower third of the face.

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