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Liposuction for 7 Stubborn Areas of the Body

Liposuction is a surgical procedure performed by plastic surgeons and is used to remove fatty deposits from areas of the body which have not responded to attempts at weight loss and exercise. While liposuction is never an alternative to losing weight or exercising, it can be a wonderful complement for areas for which weight loss and exercise have not corrected them to an acceptable level.

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Ideal Candidates for a Mini Facelift

Before discussing ideal candidates for a mini facelift, it’s important to understand the difference between a “mini” – or sometimes “micro” – and a regular facelift.

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Using Botox to Improve your Facial Appearance

In order to improve facial appearances, many individuals are starting to choose to remove fine lines and wrinkles through non-surgical procedures, like Botox and Soft Tissue Fillers.

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The Best Candidates for a Facelift

The best candidates for a face lift (medically known as a rhytidectomy) have one major thing in common: they have realistic expectations. While a face lift can give self-esteem a boost by generally improving facial features, a person’s appearance is still unique and a good surgeon will not drastically change it.

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6 Advantages of Mini Facelift

Mini facelift, also known as mini lift, limited-incision facelift, S lift (short scar lift) is a highly effective technique used to freshen up your natural beauty and to improve your self-confidence.

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