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When does Health Insurance Covers Cosmetic Surgery?

In most cases cosmetic surgery is considered optional and as such, most health insurance plans will not cover it. There are instances, however, when cosmetic surgery is medically necessary and is thus, covered under health insurance plans. For example, if you are in an accident such as a fire or automobile accident,

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Posted in Health Insurance on Apr 9th, 2011, 3:15 am by plastic_surgery_world     

Why do women have cosmetic surgery on their genitals?

Ivan asked: I do not mean surgery that corrects a problem or is medically necessary. I mean when it is done purely for cosmetic reasons, to change the shape or size. And, for the record, I am equally puzzled by men who do the same.

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How many of you have had plastic surgery?

Mito asked: Have you had plastic surgery? If you have, then why? Was it because of necessity or was it because of cosmetic reasons? Have you any regrets?

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Are tattoos and plastic surgery the same thing?

Kuba asked: Are tattoos in the plastic surgery category? I know a lot of people who are against plastic surgery but not against tattoos. Is that a contradiction? Aren’t both tattoos and plastic surgery about altering the body through artificial means for cosmetic reasons?

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