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What do you think of a man getting plastic surgery?

RamNoodle34 asked: I am 23 years old and want a chin implant I have the most severe chin I have seen around it is very odd looking besides that I am fine I think which I think it is from wearing a herpz appliance that my chin didn’t grow, but what would you think of […]

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3 Popular Plastic Surgery that Go Along with Facelifts

When a facelift is done, it is a serious surgical procedure. Many people also take that time – since they are going to have surgery and have to take time to recover anyway – to get other face-related procedures done.

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What is a country where you can get plastic surgery cheaply and safely?

Double D asked: Is there a foreign country other than the US that has cheap plastic surgery, but is safe. Interested in rhinoplasty and chin implant.

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