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Lee Hyori Amazing Breast Changes

Lee Hyo-ri (Korean: 이효리, also romanized as Lee Hyolee and officially E Hyo-lee) is a South Korean singer and actress….breast surgery from Size B to D?

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jinyjinjin from Korea gets Eyelid Done

A very candid and good video on cosmetic surgery from a Korea girl

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Unknown Asia Girl with Really Good Cosmetic Makeover

Someone emailed this photo to us, but didn’t indicate who this beauty is. Anyway, really cool and beautiful girl from Asia.

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Korea – a Paradise for Women seeking Great Beauty and Pleasures

Doctors said that a typical cosmetic surgery can cost up to 2 or 3 times that of China, but women (and a minority of men) still insist on looking for South Korea’s plastic surgery. This consumers or patients are willing to pay higher amounts for better and supposely first class treatments.

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Korean Surgeons are a Top Choice for Women

Reported that most of these women are economically more affluent sectors of society and have the income and spending power to travel to South Korea for their cosmetic surgery, and at the same time do have their holidays and rest before going back to their own country. This group of consumers can easily spend 1000000-3000000 won on their surgery. At the same time, being beauty

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