5 Cellulite Myths That You Should Be Aware Of

5 Cellulite Myths That You Should Be Aware Of

Cellulite Myths Explained

Cellulite Myths Explained

There are many myths about cellulite. Women have used erroneous “facts” to try to rid their body of cellulite and avoid getting it, but, unfortunately, it often ends up on their back sides anyway. It is important to separate the myths from the facts. That is the only way to fully understand cellulite.

1. A myth that, at the time, seemed almost believable is that soda pop causes cellulite. The theory was that the sodium in soda pop caused fat cells to swell thus producing cellulite. This is not true. Cellulite is fat cells, but they have become deformed and trapped close to the skin in connective tissue.

Myth 2: Only people over the age of 40 get cellulite. Although cellulite may be easier to spot on older skin because it is thinner, a person of any age can have it.

Myth 3: You only get cellulite on the buttocks and thighs. These areas of the body are more prone to having cellulite, but it can also be found on one’s stomach, neck, and arms.

4. Myth tells us that cellulite only happens to people who have weight problems. This can give thinner people a false sense of security regarding their safety. However, no matter how fit you are, fat cells are in your body, so cellulite can happen to them.

5. A myth related to getting rid of cellulite is that dieting and exercise are good ways to get rid of cellulite. This is untrue because of the make up of cellulite. It is unlike other fat that through dieting and exercise can be burned by a person’s metabolism. Cellulite is trapped in the connective tissue and is unaffected by metabolism.

These five myths are most often associated with cellulite. Some of these myths have even been used to sell products that say they will prevent or cure cellulite. Knowing the difference between myths and facts can help people deal better with cellulite.

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