Top 5 Most Popular Cosmetic Surgery

Top 5 Most Popular Cosmetic Surgery

Plastic, cosmetic, or aesthetic surgery is so popular because people want to feel good about themselves. When people feel that they look good their self-esteem and confidence often rises. Cosmetic surgery is more socially acceptable than ever before and advances in medicine have made it safer. It also costs less than before. 97% of patients who have undergone plastic surgery report that they not only have higher self esteem but that their quality of life has improved.

Cosmetic surgery has been performed since ancient times. There is evidence that the Ancient Greeks and Romans practiced plastic surgery. They corrected birth defects and also attempted to erase the disfigurements that occurred as punishments for crimes or as injuries of war. People have always wanted to look their best, so it is no surprise that as technology has advanced cosmetic procedures have become more popular then ever.

Once upon a time, cosmetic surgery was seen as a vanity. It was only for the rich and famous. Today, with the societal pressure to look beautiful, more people than ever are undergoing plastic surgery. Also, most cosmetic surgery used to be considered in the realm of women’s surgery. More men are having cosmetic surgery today than in the past. And age isn’t a factor any more, either. Even teens have plastic surgery. The most common cosmetic surgeries performed are:

Top 5 Most Popular Cosmetic Surgery

#1 “Nose Jobs” – or rhinoplasty, are the most popular form of cosmetic surgery today. Rhinoplasty is low to moderate on the scale of invasive procedures and it can dramatically alter the appearance of the face. A good nose job can go far in improving facial appearance.

#2 Liposuction – is number two on the popularity list of cosmetic surgeries. Many people (particularly Americans) are significantly overweight. It’s become so popular because the results are usually excellent.

#3 Eyebrow lifts – are ranked number three. This is a very simple procedure and usually yields excellent results. It can enhance the appearance of the face and take years off the eyes. Men often get eyebrow lifts as well as women.

#4 Breast enlargements – come in at number four. Breast implants are safer now than in the ’90s and more woman feel confident getting this procedure.

#5 Facelifts – are fifth on the cosmetic surgery popularity list. A facelift is a very intrusive procedure. It involves a fairly long recovery time. Most patients report, though, that they are very happy with the results of this popular surgery.

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