Using Botox to Improve your Facial Appearance

Using Botox to Improve your Facial Appearance

A Non-Surgical Procedure

In order to improve facial appearances, many individuals are starting to choose to remove fine lines and wrinkles through non-surgical procedures, like Botox and Soft Tissue Fillers. These two options are effective and offer beauty seekers an alternative to invasive surgical procedures. The procedures work by stimulating the production of the individual body’s natural collagen and replacing the components of natural skin that has begun to show aging signs.

The concern is that non-surgical procedures are not permanent. There if you desire a longer lasting effect, cosmetic plastic surgery could be the better choice for you. Here are some popular procedures listed in alphabetical order:

Endoscopic Brow Lift

Brow Lift can correct sagging eyebrows and the upper eyelid skin that hang down and create a “hood”, resulting in an angry or tired appearance, which is not attractive. In serious cases, sagging eyelids can even affect an individual’s vision. Other than that, endoscopic brow lift can correct deep wrinkles that are caused by the overuse of your forehead muscle. This is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries among people.

Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid surgery or “blepharoplasty” can correct excessive wrinkling in your eyelids and puffiness or “bags” under the eyes. When loose folds, sagging skin and bagginess is reduced, the eyes will appear more awake and alert. This procedure can be performed can be performed on both the upper and lower eyelids.


This common cosmetic surgery can appear is about eliminating jowls and tightening the skin around the face and neck line to create a youthful appearance. If you are suffering from the tell-tale signs of aging, gravity and excessive sun exposure/tanning and realised that the skin in your face has begun to show signs of sagging, a face lift may be just what you need to restore your appearance.

Facial Implants

Facial implants are used to both restore and enhance the contours of an individual face. The procedure improves the balance of  facial features.  If you have always wanted well-defined cheekbones or a stronger jaw line, then facial implants may be your solution worth considering. Last but not least, the procedure can improve the proportion in your facial features while strengthening your self image as a whole.

Lip Augmentation

Having thin, aging lips with drooping corners? You are not alone, there are many girls (even guys) who are concerned and self-conscious about them. Plump lips not only improve self-esteem and confidence, they also increase sex appeal and are often considered a symbol of youth and vitality! To obtain full plump lips, it can be done with lip augmentation procedures.

Neck Lift

A neck lift can tighten your neck and restore it to its natural, well-contoured shape, giving you a much youthful look. As you grow older, you may notice “banding”  in your neck muscles. These may even escalate into the dreaded “turkey gobbler neck,” evidenced by loose and flaccid skin. One of the noticeable signs of aging is loose skin near your neck.

Neck Liposuction

Having Neck Liposuction can change the contours, giving you a strong jaw line, defined chin and sculpted neck line. Your jaw line, neck and chin can be defined by suctioning out the problem areas via small cannula.

Nose Reshaping

In layman’s term, this is Nose Job, and medically termed as a “rhinoplasty” procedure – it’s about changing some odd shape on their noses, smoothen a hump on the bridge of their nose, straighten a crooked nose or have the tip of the nose made sharper and more defined.

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