Thin Lips Look Mean – What Can You Do?

Thin Lips Look Mean – What Can You Do?

With Valentine’s day just around the corner, it is not unusual to hear this question at the clinic! Valentines day is the time to consider KISSING! I know first-hand the perils of thin lips. Having been through some very erratic dieting phases, I’ve seen the effect that dramatic weight loss can have on the whole face, but especially on the lips… I shudder at that memory! My pout became pale and thin.

The corners of my mouth took a downward slide to the extent that I was asked ten times a day, “what’s the matter you look grumpy,”when I was not grumpy at all – I almost needed to sharpen a lipstick just to get it to fit my lips! A friend of mine in the UK had collagen put in hers – and sadly got the “trout pout” look which scared me off for a little while.

Eventually a solution became available – the new generation dermal fillers! Lips can at last be restored to the sexy kissable pout they used to be. A touch of dermal filler to the corners of your mouth and almost magically your mouth will turn upward making you look happier all round. So as Valentine’s day approaches, consider your lips – Are your lips kissable? Are they juicy, sweet, well cared for and luscious? Does your mouth naturally smile or look glum?And if kissing is not your motivation, just think about this.

We are genetically programmed to respond to information around us. That is why happy smiling people attract happy smiling people (subconsciously we seek out similarity) and those that are sad and gloomy, attract sad and gloomy people too.

So, imagine how many more positive experiences you could have every day if you erase your frown, turn the corners of your mouth upward and give life back to your lips.

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