Normal Vs Smart Liposuction

Normal Vs Smart Liposuction



Liposuction is undoubtedly a famous and well-established cosmetic plastic surgery treatment, with approximately two million American patients throughout the last ten years.

Although conventional liposuction gets fantastic results for fat removal, there is significant recovery time, expense, and distress for patients.

There are a selection of liposuction procedures that seek to combine the results of liposuction with a minimally-invasive technique, such as VASER liposuction, water liposuction, as well as a laser-assisted lipolysis system called SmartLipo. For patients with a little, localized section of fat they want to treat, Smart Liposuction is often a popular alternative.

Smart Lipo can be described as minimally-invasive liposuction system that is fantastic for patients who live a balanced way of life, exercise every day, and maintain a proper diet. Patients in this particular category often times have tiny regions of fat that they basically are unable to get rid of.

Liposuction is one of the Top Most Popular Plastic Surgery Procedure in the World

It is used to treat the stomach, hips, saddlebags, back, flanks, glutes, thighs and leg, upper arms, knees, and also the chin.

Smart Lipo relies on a small laser to melt fat cells, using only a small incision to remove all of them with a small liposuction cannulae. The laser aids the recovery process by also sealing veins while it dissolves fat, leading to a reduced amount of busing and inflammation. It also interacts with the layers of the skin responsible for collagen generation, which increases skin tightening, which in most cases can reduce the nagging appearance of cellulite.

A localized anesthesia is required for the procedure, during which the patient will only feel mild discomfort, and then muscle soreness that may only last several days. Traditional liposuction normally requires general anesthetic, which has its own group of risks and side effects, and patients will have to cope with extreme bruising and soreness for weeks.

Patients can go home about 1 to 2 hours following the procedure, and can return to usual activities after a few days. Light activity is not an issue, as long as the individual would wear a compression garment and stays away from smoking.

Some results can be seen immediately, but there can be a little bit of swelling for one or two weeks. Outcomes can continue to accumulate in a couple of months following the treatment, most definitely if the patient maintains a balanced and healthy diet and exercise practices.

With respect to the treatment location and what area of the country the client is in, Smart Liposuction may cost anywhere between $2000 and $6000.

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