Tummy Tuck Facts and Options

Tummy Tuck Facts and Options

Many people have different reasons for wanting to have a tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty surgery performed on them. The reason may be cosmetic, physiological, or medical, and every reason is valid to the person requiring it. However, the validity of a person’s reasons for wanting a tummy tuck does not make them a good prospect for actually having it.

A tummy tuck is a very invasive type of surgery that will remove a person of extra fat or skin they have around the middle. It can tighten abdominal muscles, and even reduce or eliminate scarring such as stretch marks. If a person has lost a lot of weight at a rapid pace it is possible that there has been a large amount of loose skin left, which can only be removed by a surgical procedure as no amount of exercise will reduce it.

Abdominoplasty consists of two major categories –  full tummy tuck and the mini tuck.

The mini tuck is the more minor of the two, but both versions have great results..

A full tuck is needed for people who are extremely overweight and need extra work on tightening up those stomach muscles. Adding liposuction to the mix makes the complete tummy tuck give the best quality results. On the full tuck, the incision goes all the way around the belly button and over the lower abdomen, which is a bit larger of an area than the mini tuck.

If a person is within 10% of their targeted body weight, the doctor will recommend the mini tuck as it is less invasive and can successfully get the job done with minimal recovery time. The naval can be left in place as the incision is smaller.

Liposuction can also be used and muscles are tightened from the pubis to the naval. Final results will be seen after scars have healed in approximately 6-12 months, and care should be taken with lifting and stretching for a few weeks after surgery.

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