5 Things to Consider before Getting Breast Implants

5 Things to Consider before Getting Breast Implants

Plastic surgery is rarely the easy answer. Unlike the wrong eyeshadow or the lipstick too bright, washing a pair of breast implants off and expecting everything will be normal isn’t possible.

Take Heidi Montag’s latest dilemma. After her highly publicized series of procedures, she now feels trapped in her body because of her disproportionate cup size, and is afraid of her nose falling off. She is currently searching for a reputable plastic surgeon in South America, with the help of the ex-husband, Spencer Pratt. If the tabloids are to be believed, Mr. Pratt is currently writing a tell-all book and is in talks to release a series of sex tapes. Miss Montag may need more than her G-cup breast implants extracted from her life.

Heidi’s current situation is avoidable, that must be said. Consider this list of preventable but still significant risks of breast augmentation surgery that I’ve compiled. I strongly declare that I am not trained nor am I a licensed surgeon or doctor’s assistant, and therefore seeing your licensed plastic surgeon is an important step towards getting the effects that you want

1. Possibility of 2nd Surgery

Consider that multiple surgeries could be in your future. It has been revealed through clinical trials that there is an 25% incidence of a second surgery for woman with saline breast implants.

2. Taking Good Care of your Breast Implants

Although the silicon shell of silicone and saline implants are relatively stable, they are still exposed to tearing due to blunt-force trauma (which can be caused by a bad fall) and the wear and tear of use over time. A ruptured saline breast implant is easily detected because it will lose shape immediately while a silicone implant will require an MRI test for safe detection.

3. Pain and Side Effects

You shouldn’t be surprised if you’re experiencing pain after the surgery, it is when it is beyond normal that one should rush to a doctor. Pain can be a symptom of infection, a definite risk in surgeries. Though antibiotics have easily and efficiently eliminated infections, this specific type of infection has been difficult to beat. Think preventive instead of responsive to lessen the worry.

4. Breastfeeding and Childbirth

Having breast implants does not prevent the sagging that comes after pregnancy and childbirth. It also make cause breastfeeding to be more challenging. There is also a requirement for special machines for mammograms, a test that is compulsory for women over 40 so make sure to inform your doctors and medical technicians beforehand. As it is an elective surgery, breast implants or breast augmentation are not covered by majority of insurance companies.

5. Health Concerns

The bottom line is while there are certainly benefits to breast augmentation there are also health concerns that shouldn’t be quickly glanced over. Doing your homework in advance and carefully weighing the costs and benefits will help make you a more educated consumer and likely more comfortable with your decision. So what do you think? Would you consider plastic surgery to improve your appearance?

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