Kibby Lau Plastic Surgery?

Kibby Lau Plastic Surgery?


Kibby Lau (劉俐) is a Hong Kong sexy model and recently become a guest star in TVB series. The name of Kibby Lau become famous while she appeared in TV Show Beautiful Cooking Season 2 (美女廚房) as Blueberry. Kibby Lau as Beautiful cooking helper girls on the show.

Kibby Lau also starred in several TVB Drama although only as a guest star. The last drama she starred are The Mysteries of Love, and Beauty Knows No Pain.


Many fans accused Kibby Lau for undergoing plastic surgery. Kibby Lau physical beauty sparks a resemblance to another Hong Kong Plastic Surgery model, Angelababy. Look at those big beautiful eyes, long hair, and the looks and body that can kill.


Kibby looks natural enough – doubt that she went for plastic surgery. But again, it’s anybody guess in Hong Kong entertainment circles. It’s hard to find out the truth, unless she admits – OR a scandal breakouts because her patient information got leak out. Oh well, what are the chances?




Name: Kibby Lau, 劉俐
Birthday: September 17, 1989
blood type: B
height: 174 cm
weight: 50 kg
languages: Mandarin, Cantonese, English
Favorite singer: 劉德華, 周星馳, 張柏芝, Beyonce, Justin Timberlake

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