Saline Vs Silicone Breast Implants

Saline Vs Silicone Breast Implants


Just like most plastic surgeries, breast augmentation first began as a way to reconstruct the body after surgery or to correct a defect in the development of the breasts. Since then however, breast implants have become more commonplace with many Hollywood starlets being unwitting participants in the tabloids’ favorite game of of “Did she?” or “Didn’t She?” Second only perhaps to a nose job (or closely followed by it,) going up to a D-cup seems like a sure way that you’re going to get noticed, especially for celebrities.

The collective obsession with women’s chests has pushed a considerable amount of women, in all ages & sizes, into the ready and waiting hands of cosmetic surgeons. It is ironic that their prime purpose is biological, to provide nutrition to babies.

I should disclose for safety’s sake that I have not been trained as a doctor and therefore, speaking with a licensed plastic surgeon is still must. But due to research, I can say that breast implants are of two variants, silicone and saline.

Saline breast implants, as their name suggests, are silicone shells inserted behind the chest muscle then filled with saline. They’re also at least a thousand dollars cheaper. But they do not feel natural which can cause pain for the woman.

The breast implants made of silicone
are inserted into the body already filled with a viscous silicone gel, whose consistency is similar to that of human fat. Thus, they appear to be closer in look and feel to saline breast implants.

You could also take a tip or two from your own body’s shape to determine which breast implant to choose. If your breasts are of moderate size and they still have healthy breast tissue and a reasonable amount of subcutaneous fat, saline breast implants will work for you. If, on the other hand, you have smaller breasts with less fat, the silicone breast implants will be better since you don’t have the padding to camouflage possible rippling and silicone breast implants have a lower incidence of that happening.

Another factor to consider would be which scenario you could deal with better in the event that something goes wrong with the implants. To wit, a breast implant could rupture due to injury or perhaps after enough wear and tear. A saline breast implants loses volume rapidly making it easier to detect and the saline is easily absorbed by the body without danger. While a silicone breast implant would need imaging tests for confirmation and it is still undetermined whether or not silicone has long-term ramifications when taken by the body.

Though there are risks that are shared by both silicone and breast implants, which have to be considered if you’ve decided to have the surgery in the first place. The risk of infection is always present after a surgery, along with pain. There is also a possibility that the sensitivity of the breast will be lessened. As mentioned earlier, the possibility for a breast implant rupture and subsequent leakage are equal for both kinds of implants.

As with anything that has to do with your body, a good long talk with a board certified plastic surgeon is still recommended as I am not a medical professional and this is based on high level research. But what do you think? Are you in the market for breast implants? Do you know which kind will work better for you?

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