Teeth Whitening by Dentist Vs Home Based Treatments

Teeth Whitening by Dentist Vs Home Based Treatments

teeth_whiteningAs everybody desires to be a celebrity these days and looking good has become influential in obtaining a good job, teeth whitening has become a popular trend. In order to acquire whiter teeth, some people have turned to using bleaching products.

Bleaching is far cheaper than other means of whitening and can be done at home with cheap over-the-counter products or even home-made treatments. Without whitening of some kind everyone’s teeth would discolor over time.

The worst products in common use that are to blame for teeth discolouration are cigarettes, coffee, tea and red wine. Brushing will remove some staining, but is not really entirely effective unless the tooth paste is particularly abrasive, which is not a good idea because that will eventually remove the enamel which does such a good job of protecting our teeth from disease and cavities.

There are lots of different teeth whitening techniques on the market and some have benefits over others. Some are very strong and should only be applied under supervision. In other cases the dentist will have to apply some sort of protective coating to your gums so that they are not damaged by the chemicals in the gel.

The whitening agent is then applied to the teeth by means of a tray. You are basically dipping your teeth into a bath of bleach which you carry about in your mouth. Therefore the tray has to fit your mouth, if it is going to be comfortable. There are two types of trays: the standard, one size fits all and the custom-made, which is moulded to fit your mouth by a dentist.

At times these trays are used solely in the dental surgery and others are meant to be taken home for use there. The active component in the bleaching gels is usually either carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide. This sort of course of treatment typically takes three to four weeks.

There is also a whitening gel that you paint onto your teeth before you go to bed and leave on all night while you sleep. This gel should not be used more than once a week, but the results are quite good.

The results of a good professional teeth bleaching procedure should last for about three years, whereas home treatments are on-going – you have to bleach every week in order to maintain the whiteness. However, all teeth whitening systems must ultimately fail, unless you stop smoking or and drinking red wine, coffee and strong black tea.

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