Dermal Fillers are Short Term but Useful

Dermal Fillers are Short Term but Useful

Dermal Fillers are marketed under the brands Juvederm, Artefill, Radiesse, Restylane, Hylaform and others. They are used for the cosmetic enhancement of the face. These brand names include substances like hydroxyapatite, poly-L-lactic acid, polymers, collagen, hyaluronic acid and other substances. In fact, new substances are being added to the list of dermal fillers all the time. Sometimes one’s own body fat or body fat from a donor is used as a dermal filler.

These fillers are injected into areas like the cheeks, lips and around the eyes to eliminate wrinkles and crow’s feet or to enhance a feature like the lips. Other common areas to use them include the bridge of the nose and the jaw line. Scarring from injury or acne can also be corrected with them. Sometimes they’re used to reduce the gauntness that can be a result of an illness or aging. Facelifts are also used for these same purposes but they are invasive and fillers are minimally invasive.

Sometimes a dermatologist might choose to combine several different fillers. A dermatologist can mix a combination of fillers that is specifically tailored to each patient’s need. Different fillers have different properties and some have longer lasting effects than others.

Some dermatologists prefer human collagen because it doesn’t need to be skin-tested. Hyaluronic acid does not need to be tested either and binds to water to give skin more volume. When using a patient’s own fat, the doctor usually removes it via a micro-liposuction treatment to the buttocks, thighs or stomach. Calcium hydroxyapatite tends to last longer because it degrades slowly.

The injection of dermal fillers does cause some common side effects such as bruising and bleeding. There is usually some pain during injection and it might last for a couple of days after the procedure. Some people have experienced allergic reactions to dermal fillers. Each substance carries different risks.

The effect of filler injections depends on several things, including what substance is used for what procedures. Effects last as long as eight months. If a patient is not impressed with the results of the procedure, he/she does not need to have it repeated and the effects will disappear on their own over time. This procedure will also give you an idea of what you would look like if you had the same procedure through cosmetic surgery. As the effects disappear you can decide whether you’d like to have the procedure repeated or if you will opt for cosmetic surgery.

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