Blepharoplasty Simply Explained

Blepharoplasty Simply Explained

Blepharoplasty – Surgical Modification of Eyelid

Excessive fat and skin can be removed from the area on the upper and lower eyes and this is called blepharoplasty. Mostly done for cosmetic reasons it can be done to improve vision in the case where the skin folds cause interference with one’s vision. This surgery is performed very often each year. Depending on the complexity involved the blepharoplasty cost can vary.

Oculoplastic surgeons, ear-nose-throat surgeons and plastic surgeons would normally perform these procedures. Other surgeons that can also perform this surgery on recent development would be oral-maxilofacial surgeons and dermatologists. The most popular surgery type would be the removal of excess skin around the upper eyelid and then the surgeon will reconstruct the eyelid to ensure an attractive appearance.

People who have bags under the eyes will then require surgery to the lower eye lids. The brow is lifted as is the case in blepharoplasty that lifted the brow. This gives younger look and a smoother area around the eye. These changes will not happen right away, it can take weeks if not an entire year for the changes to take proper effect.

The result is a smoother area around the eye which gives a more youthful look. The changes will not be visible immediately, but only after a few weeks and sometimes it may take an entire year to notice the entire effect.

Relatively Safe Cosmetic Procedure

Modern cosmetic surgery is very safe and it does not often happen that any complications take place. In rare cases a person may experience blood clots or infection. As the face is prone to bleed more than the rest of the body, people planning to undergo any facial surgery should not take any aspirin based drugs prior to the surgery. These drugs are known to thin the blood, which may result in excessive bleeding both during and after the operation.

Post-operation and Recovery

Swelling and bruising after the surgery is to be expected and can be evident for about a week.The application of cold presses to the swollen areas can help to reduce such swelling. A couple of days after the operation the stitches will be removed. The residual scars are very fine if not invisible. If the healing process has been less than ideal then scars will be visible. This could cause the need for another operation to be carried out. Good follow up by the surgeon can ensure that scarring can be removed.

This operation is done at a hospital. General anesthesia is applied during the operation. Typically blepharoplasty cost can be anything from one thousand dollars to four thousand dollars. If this is done purely for cosmetic reasons then typically medical aid will not cover the costs associated with the costs of the operation.

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