How can Stretch Marks be Reduced?

How can Stretch Marks be Reduced?

Increase Intake of Collagen

If you’ve put on some weight due to pregnancy or other circumstances, then you may have noticed fine red lines on your skin known as stretch marks. While our skin is very supple and pliable by nature, there are circumstances that can effect the elasticity of our skin. Our connective tissue is made up of a protein called collagen. During periods of rapid weight gain, collagen production is hampered, thereby disrupting the once smooth texture of our skin. The disruption in collagen production causes red lines to appear on the skin while also replacing the soft skin that was once there with skin of a much tougher texture. Eventually, the red marks will fade to gray or white. While stretch marks most commonly affect women during pregnancy, men can also be affected.

Apart from pregnancy, often times people who are obese, people how have excess amounts of body fat, or even body builders can both develop stretch marks as a result of the rapid bodily changes that occur. Heredity can also play a role in the development of stretch marks. Some people are naturally born with dry skin that is less elastic than that of other people. In these instances, it will require less body change in a short period of time to develop stretch marks. Also, many steroids which are taken through contact with the skin can cause stretch marks in one’s body.

Surgery and Creams

Though stretch marks will eventually fade over time, there is no magic solution to erase them from your skin completely. While there is no way to rid your body of stretch marks permanently, there are a few medical procedures and products available, including surgery and creams, that can help fade the stretch marks. However, many of these operations and creams tend to be quite expensive and may have dangerous side effects, so the best way to fight stretch marks is to practice prevention.

Proper Diet

Drinking plenty of water every day is one way to ensure that your skin will remain as elastic as possible, thereby decreasing your risk of getting stretch marks. Equally important to drinking enough water is limiting caffeine, which is commonly found in coffee, soda, and energy drinks. Not only does caffeine weaken the dermis, which gives skin its elasticity, but it also acts as a diuretic and rids of the body of necessary water. According to current research, eating a healthy diet and keeping hydrated is one of the best ways to minimize your chances of getting stretch marks.

Stretch marks are a truly unfortunate condition. It is best that you make all attempts at avoiding them if possible. Try to be sure to maintain a healthy balanced diet and have a sufficient intake of water. There are certain times in your life where the chances of stretch marks are high and it is not feasible to avoid these because of circumstances, such as pregnancy. In these cases talk to a dermatologist (skin doctor) to determine what treatment is best for you if they do develop on your skin.

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