4 Things to Do to Recover Early From Liposuction

4 Things to Do to Recover Early From Liposuction

Days right after having a liposuction, you may be in a lot of pain. Additionally, there are bruising and swelling present in the area where the procedure is done. The length of recovery period depends on the extent of the surgery performed. But usually, you may be able to return to your work in a week, although complete recovery may be achieved after several months.

To ensure a speedy recovery from the procedure, there are some things which the person can do. Because it’s a surgical process, the caring needed are the same as those applied for post-op cases.

  1. Rest is very important to help the individual regain strength. There will be medications the doctor will prescribe for pain. This should be taken for as long as advised. It’s also important that someone is there to lend a helping hand in doing certain activities, such as going to the toilet or taking medications.
  2. The compression garment should be worn as prescribed by the doctor, to help ease the swelling. There may be some amount of blood stains to be observed near the incision areas. But the individual should not panic as it’s normal and will go away after some time.
  3. Increase fluid intake to help keep dehydration at bay. Such may include water and fruit juices. Stay away from alcoholic drinks, as well as foods that are greasy and acidic. Since there are wounds you need to heal, consuming foods that are high in protein contents can be very beneficial for faster recovery.
  4. Bandages should be changed as necessary, or as instructed by your doctor. Refrain from using the jacuzzi, swimming pool or sauna as they can increase your chances of developing an infection. Likewise, never apply on the affected area an ice pack, heating pack or any other topically applied pain reliever.

Following the tips above can help shorten the recovery period of a person who had undergone liposuction. He or she should regain strength and surpass the pain and swelling following the procedure. It’s best if the individual can get back to having a normal life the soonest time possible.

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