Laser Hair Removal may not be Suitable for You

Laser Hair Removal may not be Suitable for You

What is hip and fashionable changes just as fast as you can change your clothes, but one thing on your body remains stylish throughout history, silky skin. Everyone who knows what they’re talking about will tell you that runway style is always secondary to fabulous skin. And barring the latest HD foundations and pharmaceutical lotions, epilation or hair removal is a certain method towards perfect skin.

You can choose from multiple strategies to get rid of the unnecessary fuzz. Take your pick, shave, pluck or slather on a depilatory cream, but you may find that laser hair removal is the most economical and effective.

What exactly is laser hair removal? It is a medical procedure that employs intense pulses of light to remove unwanted hair. These laser beams pass through the skin and damage the individual hair follicle which inhibits future hair growth.

Because it targets melanin, or the pigmentation of the skin, laser hair removal is best for those who have light skin and dark hair. Although there’s little doubt that a solution is around the corner for those with dark skin and lighter hair.

Usually depending on the area hair is being removed from and the thickness of the growth, laser hair removal is done in a series of days. It can take four to six days, spread out four weeks apart to see a considerable reduction in hair growth. The process may seem arduous, laser hair removal will eliminate the need from razors or monthly waxing sessions which also justifies the high first investment. It is recommended that maintenance sessions be done every couple of years.

Laser hair removal does work in the sense that you will get rid of the unnecessary hair, but it will not completely eliminate them. You can expect the area to show finer hair.

If done properly and by a professional, there are very few side effects to laser hair removal such as slight skin irritations which are temporary. Laser hair removal, because it is used on melanin, may affect the pigmentation of your skin. But this usually happens only if the laser hair removal is done by someone who is not properly trained.

Want to show the world your smooth underarms in a tube dress, visit your licensed doctor or cosmetic surgeon for a consultation about laser hair removal. Spend some time discussing all that you may be curious about regarding the procedure. So, what’s on your mind, are you going for laser hair removal?

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