Eyebrow Restoration is Available

Eyebrow Restoration is Available

Need or Vanity?

Men and women will come to the decision to get an eyebrow transplant due to a range of individual reasons, it could be a want or need, but usually it’s a want – all because of vanity. This could have something to do with the way that they want to improve on their outward appearance or it could be because they have been unfortunate enough to suffer some sort of medical trauma that has led to a certain amount of hair loss.

Eyebrows are a big feature on the face and it used to be the style to have really bushy ones. However trends change and nowadays people want the more streamlined look. In fact a lot of people choose to use things like eyebrow threading, plucking and tweezing in order to get a nice clear brow line. It gives a “clean and neat” look.

People who are not fortunate enough to have a good amount of hair growing in this part of their face will need to look at ways in which they can improve the complete look. Due to technical (or rather technological) advancements in cosmetic surgery, there is now a solution to this problem.

The Answer to Your Problem

The solution is called eyebrow restoration. It is a way in which individual hair follicles are implanted into the brow line so that it looks as natural as possible. The work involves taking about 400 individual hairs from one part of your body and checking that they are fine to be placed in their new home in the eyebrow.

The work that is involved can take some time to carry out. This is due to the fact that the surgeon has to collect the hair follicles individually and then make sure that they have not been damaged. Then they are implanted into the eyebrow line and will eventually grow there as if they have always been eyebrow hair.

As this is a specialized job, you will want to be completely sure that you are in contact with a professional and well trained surgeon. The best thing to do is to make an appointment/consultation to find out more about this procedure.

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