Not All Hope is Lost for Vitiligo Sufferers

Not All Hope is Lost for Vitiligo Sufferers

Vitiligo is a health condition in which pigmentation is lost in the skin. The result of this is that white patches occur anywhere on the body such as the face, arms, nose, genitals or stomach. Even though there are now several widely respected treatments for vitiligo, these should not be considered as a cure. What they do is reduce the appearance of the patches so the patient can live more of a normal life.

The most widely used treatment for vitiligo is steroid creams. These are somewhat successful in reducing the visibility of the vitiligo patches, and are particularly effective if used when the condition is just starting. Steroid creams take effect over quite a long period of time and the patient should be aware of this. It’s quite important that you take such creams under the care of a dermatologist. He or she will be able to monitor your usage and check for adverse reactions.

PUVA therapy which uses ultraviolet light is another vitiligo treatment approach aimed at darkening the white patches. The patient takes both oral medication as well as topical creams, followed immediately by exposure either to sunlight or ultraviolet-A lamplight for a specific period of time. While on this treatment, it is important to avoid sun exposure at all times.

Another proven therapy is applying psoralen to the affected patches of skin and then exposing the area to UVA light until the skin turns pink. The hope is that the pink color will fade and be replaced with a more normal skin tone.

De-pigmentation therapy aims to reduce the pigment in the areas surrounding a vitiligo patch and thus make the patches less visible.

More drastic vitiligo treatment measures involve surgery, for such procedures as tattooing, skin grafts taken from the patient’s own skin and skin transplants aimed at helping all areas of the skin to achieve matching pigmentation.

Not everyone chooses to treat their vitiligo. A very well-known celebrity chose to use cosmetics to mask his vitiligo problem. This is an approach that anyone can use.

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