DIY or Laser Removal for your Mole?

DIY or Laser Removal for your Mole?

Although some persons seem extraordinarily beautiful due to beauty moles, there are others who find them unattractive and a nuisance to deal with. There are several actresses who love their moles and consider them a key part of their identity. In fact several of these women have been chosen as the spokes-model for beauty and body products. However there are many other people that choose to have these marks removed. Some of them will attempt this at home while others will see a doctor.

Reasons for Removal

Several reasons may spur someone to have their mole removed. For most individuals, the reason is appearance and vanity, but there are cases in which the mole poses a health risk. In a case where a person has a family history of cancerous moles there could be a real risk posed by the presence of any skin abnormalities. The prudent route here would be to have any of these excised. In another scenario a person might be adversely affected socially by having a large number of visible moles.

Options Available

There are a number of good options for removing moles. There are certain home methods that involve household ingredients such as baking soda or lime juice. Facial scissors can also be used to topically remove a mole but proper antiseptic is required before and after removal. While cheap and convenient such home methods are not reliable. Currently there are a number of home mole removal kits, that if carefully followed will remove moles. Some have had success with this but you may have the risk of scarring and re-growth of the mole. Infections are also more likely to occur due to improper handling of mole removal.

Opting to have the mole professionally removed may be the wiser choice. The two main operative methods that are used in mole removal. In the first method the mole is burnt off the skin. This is done to moles that are located near the surface of the skin. For deeper moles surgery will be involved. Whether mole is large, and operation may be repeated multiple times.

Using Laser to Remove Moles

Laser removal is employed in the removal of smaller sized moles. This method usually produces neat results but can be very costly of you wish to remove more than one mole. After such a procedure is carried out you must keep the area protected for a period of time. Your extracted mole will usually be kept by the doctor and send to the lab for cancer testing. Although proper surgery and precautions reduce the risk, it is still possible that scarring can occur.

While considering and doing research, you will have to balance the advantages and disadvantages of both home or physician mole removal. Where cost is a big factor, home mole removal might be the better choice, however bearing in mind the risk it would certainly be wise to at least seek the opinion of a qualified doctor. You should be aware that a failed DIY may cost more to make things right, and extend your recovery period.

The choice is completely yours.

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