Why Pinocchio Did Not Get a Nose Job?

Why Pinocchio Did Not Get a Nose Job?

Nose jobs did not exist in Pinocchio’s time. Or he would have had a nose job done every time he lied. And we would not have had a Disney Classic on Pinocchio.

The nose is one of the most important organs of the body. It can beautify your face with a good shape. A bad nose can have a denting effect on other facial features and hence the overall image of a person, and eventually the individual confidence, and in serious cases, their life and career.

Non-Surgical Procedure for Rhinoplasty is Now Available

Today nose reconstructions are possible. They are called Rhinoplasty. The latest advancement in Rhinoplasty is the non-surgical procedure.

Non-surgical procedures are called lunch-time procedures because they are fifteen minutes long. They have great advantages over the surgical procedures. One of the advantages is that the results are instantaneous and the healing time is much less.

This painless procedure uses the filler treatment. They are also used in treating crow’s feet, wrinkles and fine lines. Radiesse is important filler which has calcium and cellulose in it.

The fillers are injected on the inside of the nose. Working from inside they work by hiding the humps and bumps on the outer surface of the nose. Such kind of sculpting on the nose gives a priceless satisfaction and joy to the candidate.

This procedure is best for a person who has minor mis-shapenness on his nose. This irregularity can be in form of a bump or a bulge. This is especially good for working people who want to get over with a procedure in 15mins because their time is very valuable.

With so many advantages people with slightly crooked noses can meet with cosmetic specialists. They should no longer fear get their nose jobs done because non-surgical procedures are here to save the day. Now even the mean wicked old witch in the Snow White would be getting ideas on how to improve her “old lady’s” deception to look more pleasing to rest of the world when she goes out to give the poisoned apple to the fairest girl in the land.

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