Payman Simoni Anti-aging Procedure is a Breakthrough

Payman Simoni Anti-aging Procedure is a Breakthrough

“Aging” it is often times a word that evokes fear in many people. The last thing you want to see is your youthful skin start to sag and wrinkles beginning to form around your eyes and mouth. And God forbid, your neck starts to resemble that of a turkeys. Well now there is an anti-aging procedure that many are declaring “a breakthrough to the fountain of youth!”

Dr. Payman Simoni, a Board-Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon, in Beverly Hills has introduced a ground- breaking and cutting-edge procedure “The Simoni Lift TM” that patients are declaring the latest anti-aging breakthrough to the fountain of youth! Simoni states, “A decision to have plastic surgery is an important one. It is vital that patients receive sound, professional advice tailored not only to their individual needs, but to their individual look,” he adds “My goal is to enrich a patient’s life with a more youthful and revitalized appearance.”

Simoni received his medical degree from Albert Einstein College of Medicine; completed general surgery and Facial Plastic Head and Neck surgery training at University of Alabama, Birmingham Hospital. With two board certifications in Facial Plastic Surgery by the American Board of Facial Plastic/Reconstructive Surgery and American Board of Head/ Neck Surgery and Otolaryngology. Simoni is one of the most experienced and innovative Plastic Surgeon’s today and ‘The Simoni Lift TM ‘ is a groundbreaking procedure designed to restore the aging face to a youthful appearance.

His recent innovation of “The Simoni Lift TM ” a groundbreaking procedure has been designed to restore the aging face to a youthful appearance. Combining the best of several facial procedures into one, Simoni offers his patients and low- invasive technique performed in his office without general anesthesia. With only a little more than an hour there is very little swelling and bruising along with very little downtime. As Simoni states, “Our appearance affects the way we feel about ourselves, especially as we age,” Simoni says. “Eye area and a drooping forehead are first to show signs of aging. Advances in brow-lift technique specifically ‘endoscopic brow-lift, small incisions in the hairline are virtually undetectable and common for 35-45 age group who don’t require a full facelift.”

The ‘Simoni Lift TM ‘ is a short one-hour minor procedure offering long lasting, natural looking results by improving laxity of jowls, cheeks, loose ‘turkey’ neck and facial skin without a need for general anesthesia,” says Simoni. When it comes to going under the knife, a big negative is the ‘down time’ associated with bruising and swelling. “The Simoni Lift TM” gives you the benefits only and there’s no dispute about that!

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