Breast Augmentation Stages from Start to Post Recovery

Breast Augmentation Stages from Start to Post Recovery

It’s good news to find out that there are many ways that can help you to heal properly after your breast augmentation procedure. Reportedly, these ops have been frequently completed without any snags, still, that is never a guarantee of a perfect result. To be able to secure a good result after an operation, you must be able to take the necessary time to heal. If you take the time to rest and properly recuperate, you will likely lessen the chance of complications following surgery.

Waking up from your surgical sleep is the first thing you will encounter hours after your breast augmentation operation is complete. Once the anesthetic diminishes, you will immediately feel uncomfortable because of the operative trauma. You may also initially wonder where you are and how you got there.

Depending on the individual it typically takes between 1 to 3 hours to become fully conscious after surgery. Many people wake up experiencing quite severe initial pain. Other people typically complain of feeling cold. Therefore, you should be prepare to take time-off work if you are undergoing a cosmetic surgery.

Doctors advise that when a patient has been ordered to go home, they should place ice on their breasts constantly for the first few days. Normally your doctor will have put drains in place beneath the incision to siphon away fluids. These thick plastic tubes can be left in the incision area for up to one week. While you are recovering, preferably you have someone to take care of you, e.g. buy or prepare your food

The next thing your doctor will ask is that you pay attention to your body temperature. If you detect a rise in your temperature, then it could mean that you have an infection. Antibiotics are usually prescribed by the doctor after breast augmentation surgery. This is an important stage that you should be aware and monitor as infection can get very serious, and results in complications

You will be instructed that you should not allow yourself to have a bath while the incisions are just starting healing. It is suggested that patients should keep their heads up while they sleep with their backs to the bed in the period following surgery. These are a few simple steps to consider for a healthy recovery process.  Definitely, we recommend that you also research “what-no-do” during your recovery stage.

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