Fat Grafting Definition and What You Should Look Out For

Fat Grafting Definition and What You Should Look Out For

Introduction to Fat Grafting

Fat Grafting (also known as Fat Injection) is a plastic surgery method whereby excess fat is taken from area of the body and then transferred to another in order to add plumpness. This is normally a relatively quick procedure of about two to four hours and done on an outpatient status.

The average patient that undergoes this procedure will have fat from their abdomen, thighs or buttocks transferred over to the area under the eyes, lips, temples or cheeks. Within just a few days, a person will be back to regular activities after undergoing this relatively simple procedure, when compared to other types of plastic surgery.

When you’re considering any type of plastic surgery, you may want to investigate the medical training and surgical experience of the doctor you choose. How many horror stories have we all heard of the person who didn’t research upfront how qualified their doctor was and then received a horrible plastic surgery procedure?

Everyone hears about the importance of finding a doctor who is board certified but you must know that being board certified doesn’t always mean that a doctor is a good fit for your particular type of surgery. After talking to several doctors you should be able to select one you feel sure will be able to perform your kind of surgery properly.

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