Im considering breast implants and I would like to know the average cost?

Im considering breast implants and I would like to know the average cost?

breast implants
Ashley K asked:

I have been considering breast implants for a while, and I am wondering how much they generally cost. i also want to know how painful it is, and how long the recovery generally takes, and anything else anyone can tell me would be appreciated. Ive searched the internet, and havent really found straight answers.

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  1. Carrie A
    May 17th, 2010 | 3:44 pm

    look it up.
    i have no clue but i know they are expensiveee!
    probably around 50,000.?

  2. maxtonamvl
    May 19th, 2010 | 4:37 pm

    It depends on who you go to, Both of my friends were around $5000, both had to be bound for a couple of days then just sports bras, it takes about 6 weeks for a full recovery.

  3. Kalena
    May 19th, 2010 | 10:28 pm

    Between 4,000-5,000 depending on the area. Ask friends for a referral. Find a dr. online or in your area. Most drs. will offer a free consultation if you book a surgury with them if not the consultation is around $60.00. Ask the dr. to see photos of implants they’ve already done. You will have an opportunity to use a bra and choose different sizes of implants so wear a shirt with no buttons to get a better view of how you will look. I was a 36B, I got 390cc and now I’m a 36 almost DD. A little too big for me but they look great. I was up the night of the surgery wrapping Christmas presents. I didn’t use any of the pain med. given to me. The second day I felt sore and very tight. Just be sure to wear a sports bra if they tell you to. Some drs will tell you not to wear a bra. Mine said wear one and I did. I very seldom go with out a bra and mine are still very perky, however my sister didn’t and here’s got saggy after and year and she had hers redone. I had mine done on a Thursday and was back at work teaching children on Monday. My only complaint is that it’s hard to find clothes that fit across them. When I find them they are too long, big or the shoulder sag off. You will have to buy separates in swim suits and clothes. Ask alot of questions its a big step and will make a difference in what you wear and what you CAN wear.

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