How were your breast implants after pregnancy?

How were your breast implants after pregnancy?

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bronze_venuz asked:

I wanted to know of your experiences or anyone else’s experiences that you know of who have breast implants during their pregnancy & if it affected the implants, size, or shape at all after child birth. Breast feeding or bottle feeding.

I am currently 6 months pregnant and I have breast implants. They have gotten so large ( I know it’s normal regardless if you have breast implants or not) and I cant wait for them to go back to their size before pregnancy.

Any positive response will be much apreciated thak you!!!

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Posted in Qns & Ans on Mar 30th, 2011, 9:11 pm by plastic_surgery_world   

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  1. GoodGurl2008
    May 21st, 2010 | 9:49 am

    Ok I got implants after my son was born. Then I got pregnant less than a year after having them done. A waiste of $$ I know. lol

    Anyway so my breasts got HUGE during the pregnancy and even bigger right after (when my milk came in), but I was able to successfully breastfeed my baby. It was no harder than breastfeeding my 1st child.

    As far as how they LOOKED… well like I said I was less than a year into having them done when I got pregnant SO before I got pregnant they were very perky and “perfect” in my eyes (no sagging, etc. at all).

    During the pregnancy they just got BIG.

    Immediately following the pregnancy they got even BIGGER (because I had milk- as you will even if you don’t breastfeed)

    AFTER I quit breastfeeding (now) the size went back down and they were a bit more “saggy”… but not bad AT ALL! They still look a lot better than any of my friends who have had babies and do not have implants. They are full and haveplenty of “tissue” or (implant -lol) in them. My husband actually likes them better now because before he said they looked fake and felt fake.Now he says they look real and feel real. :) ALSO – they are still more perky than any women I know with a NATURAL D or DD cup size.

    Don’t stress. The implants will keep your breasts from losing all shape and form after the milk is gone! I still absolutely LOVE mine and am SO glad they don’t look like they did after my 1st was born (no tissue and VERY saggy). :)

    Good luck!

  2. Michele M
    May 23rd, 2010 | 9:17 pm

    I didn’t get implants until after my son was born but I have a friend who has them. The implants were put in about 4 years before her first child and they were about 450 CC (they looked too big on her small frame).The breasts got to about a D cup during the pregnancy and looked way out proportion to her body. She breastfed her daughter and was HUGE!! She then got pregnant again about 8 months after her daughter. (Her & her hubby only used the calendar method). After the birth of her son she again breastfed and her breasts got even bigger. She’s only 5’2″ and weighed about 102 lbs even after both babies so a DD or bigger looked rediculous. She just had her first set of implants removed and new smaller ones put in (cost her double what the first set was). The second surgery was alot more extensive due to having to remove excess skin. She was into looking like a barbie doll before the too big Dolly boobs but I think her husband put his foot down when it came to all the stares and jokes and was willing to pay for the surgery. There is always the possibility that your breasts won’t get too much bigger and will go down after you have you baby, but then again you may need another surgery for the implants. My plastic surgeon told me this.

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