How much did your cosmetic surgery cost?

How much did your cosmetic surgery cost?

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mopar_murph asked:

Specifically, how much did your breast augmentation and/or tummy tuck cost? Where (city/state) was it performed? How long was your healing time? Are you happy with the results?

I’ve been doing research of my own, but I do not know of anyone personally who has had cosmetic surgery. Any input you have is greatly appreciated.
Why do people feel like they need to leave an answer when they know nothing about the question??

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  1. wonderful_me_16
    May 18th, 2010 | 2:58 pm

    nothing, ididn’t have cosmetic surgery

  2. boehlingsfam
    May 21st, 2010 | 8:50 am

    not sure sorry

  3. star_accord
    May 24th, 2010 | 5:32 am

    It can cost you an arm and a leg. Na, I asked my doctor to give me a plastic surgeon.I call for an apt. Anyhow, the secretary told me it would cost me $30.00 just to be seen. (I wanted a tummy tuck because I had 2 kids.) They lady told me $10,000-$35,000. Yeap. Costs as much as buying a new car.No, I didn’t do it because I don’t have the money. Good luck.

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