An introduction for my essay on teen cosmetic surgery?

An introduction for my essay on teen cosmetic surgery?

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Summer asked:

My essay is like a debate on whether or not teens should be allowed to have cosmetic surgery. I think its ok only when needed for medical reasons but not because a teen has self esteem issues. What’s a good introduction?

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  1. m
    May 18th, 2010 | 6:43 pm

    Maybe you could start by discussing how widespread cosmetic surgery is in general, then narrow it down to specifically teens ( and give the numbers). Then discuss the specifics…for example what KINDS of cosmetic surgery teens are undergoing. Then you could raise some of the questions that you will subsequently be answering in the body of your essay. Like, “Is a 16 year old girl who is getting teased by her friends psychologically mature enough to decide whether she is ready for a breast augmentation?” or “Is it OK for a teen to make decisions about cosmetic surgery based on what society values as beautiful? There are lots of ways an intro. could go…this is just one idea! Good luck!

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