What is the best college for plastic surgery?

What is the best college for plastic surgery?

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MnM asked:

I want to be a plastic surgeon when I grow up. I’ll go to U Shoes (Don’t know if I spelled that right?), a medical school for the military, since I can’t afford to go to a regular medical school. They pay for you and you pay them back the years you spent in their academy. But after medical school, what’s the best college for the rest of the stuff that you need to know for plastic surgery, and what does it teach you?

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  1. eri
    May 22nd, 2010 | 8:53 am

    After college, you apply to med school. That’s 8 years of college total. No one can afford med school; that’s what loans are for. After med school, you apply to residency programs in surgery (that’s 5 years, and then after that you apply for fellowship programs in plastic surgery, can be up to another 5 years). Residencies are practical experience; you’ll apply to a number of programs, interview at a few, and be matched by a computer program to one of them.

  2. Emily M
    May 23rd, 2010 | 8:58 pm

    I think you mean Uniformed Service University of the Health Science F. Edward Hebert School of Medicine.

    After medical school, you will do a general surgery residency (about five years) before doing a plastic surgery residency (about two years). I am not sure, but you might not have much of a choice about where you do your residency if you are in the military. I think that you may have to do a military residency, then serve as a board-certified plastic surgeon for at least seven years in the military, in addition to the residency. So, after medical school, it could be fourteen years before you are out of the military, and then you would still be on inactive ready reserve for another six years.

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