IS there a cosmetic surgery that can fix penis glan texture?

IS there a cosmetic surgery that can fix penis glan texture?

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Jim P asked:

Make it more smooth? Mine has a rough texture from friction..(not like that sickos im a bicyclist) I wonder if a there is a cosmetic surgery that could give me that shiny smooth apperance?

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  1. e w
    May 22nd, 2010 | 10:59 pm

    I would assume that you’re circumcised, which is what causes a rough texture to the glans.

    The only way I know of to accomplish a smooth, shiny glans, the way that nature intended, is by foreskin restoration.

    The foreskin is what keeps the glans smooth, moist and protected from drying out and friction.

    I have been restoring my foreskin for two years, and my glans hasn’t fully dekeratinized yet, but it’s partially done, and it feels wonderful. Sexual sensitivity is increased, and the orgasms are much more powerful.

    The smoother texture of the glans and inner foreskin are better during sex for the woman’s vaginal walls, also. Far less abrasive than the dried, rough texture of the skin of a circumcised penis.

    Just google foreskin restoration, there are lots of devices and support groups–a lot of guys are doing it now.

    Circumcision is the worst hoax ever perpetrated on the male sex.

    A foreskin is not a birth defect; it is a birthright.


  2. NudeNude
    May 24th, 2010 | 12:11 pm

    No, just use a good quality skin cream to soften the surface, masturbate at every opportunity and get plenty of sleep!

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