PLASTICOS as a Plastic Surgery Organization

PLASTICOS as a Plastic Surgery Organization

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As poverty started to become a serious threat for the lives of many less fortunate people, many organizations around the world are now having their plans and actions on how to stop this problem before it gets worse. One of these organizations is the Plasticos Foundation. An organization composed of plastic surgeons headed by Dr. Larry Nichter. Plasticos Foundation’s primary goal is to improve the lives of others particularly the children in need through plastic surgery that is why the said foundation is identified as a plastic surgery organization.

Through the foundation’s intervention, they enhance the lives of children with correctable body deformities, birth defects, congenital malformations and traumatic disfigurements. The foundation also seeks to advance the field of Plastic Surgery through trainings, research studies, and public education that is why they conduct lectures and free trainings to surgeons in host countries in the art of Plastic Surgery, enabling them to carry on this work.

Plasticos Foundation cannot be called as a plastic surgery organization without its plastic surgeon volunteers who came from different parts of the world. These volunteers with the expertise in the said field serve and give their best because they want to reshape the deprived lives of many children who were victims of physical defects in their bodies. In addition, they are doing this kind act because they want to break the wall that hinders children who have these curses in showing up themselves in the society and give these innocents a new hope to survive life.

“Since the children are said to be the new hope of the world, then we should guide and put them on the right path, and uplift their lives from deprivation”, “We believe all individuals, especially the young, negatively affected by correctable deformities deserve to be made whole”, these are what the volunteers of Plasticos consider every time they render their service.

Through the benevolence of Plasticos Foundation, many lives of children have changed and have given a new hope. The faces infected with sadness are replaced with happiness as the curse in their life is removed through the magic touch of the surgeons and the glowing smiles started to shine in their innocent faces. Until now, Plasticos Foundation still continues its philanthropy. To help, to serve, to nurture and to mold the lives of the new generation! That is what Plasticos aims and believes.

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