Water-assisted Liposuction Vs Smart Lipo

Water-assisted Liposuction Vs Smart Lipo

If you are thinking about having liposuction, comparing the procedures will let you know how to find the best one that suits your needs. The best liposuction procedure should be the least harmful and produce the best possible results.

Liposuction is a cosmetic surgery procedure that involves small incisions. The cannula is a small hollow tube that is used in liposuction surgery. The cannula is attached to a vacuum pressure unit. The surgeon will use this cannula to suck out any unwanted fat of you body.

However there are many liposuction methods for you to consider. Most of the liposuction methods produce heat which can cause some problem to the skin after the surgery.

Smart Lipo is a laser-assisted liposuction. The heat of Smart Lipo produces irregularity of skin. The report shows that laser-assisted liposuction can leave permanent ugly scars too. Water-assisted liposuction produces no heat and has more suction capability.

Smart Lipo has the suction capability of 200 cc. per session while water-assisted liposuction has the suction capability of 2,000 – 3,000 cc. per session.

The suction capability is one of the reasons why Smart Lipo cost more money than Water-Assisted Liposuction.

Smart Lipo need more recovery time and more painful than Water-Assisted Liposuction due to the result of the heat that produced by the system.

The reason why Water-Assisted Liposuction is a better choice is because of the different system of the cannula. Water-Assisted Liposuction uses a thin fan-shaped water beam cannula. The cannula continually adds water during the liposuction session. Surgeons who use this liposuction method can suck out your fat a lot easier because the water will loose the fat cells.

Water-Assisted Liposuction is less harm to your body since the surgeon can suck out your fat very easy without damaging your body.

This method also leaves less bruises and scars. Water-Assisted Liposuction can be performed under local anesthesia while Smart Lipo is normally performed under general anesthesia.

Water-Assisted Liposuction takes less time of recovery. Normally the recovery is only 7-10 days.

However before having a liposuction you should consult with more than one surgeon. The process of choosing the right surgeon is very important. You need to be careful on this process and choose the surgeon that is a board certified surgeon. To ensure that the liposuction will turn out well, you also need to ask your surgeon about his/her prior liposuction patients and testimonials.

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  1. Graham
    November 10th, 2011 | 4:44 pm

    Where is WAL available in Singapore?

  2. Bethann Cervetti
    June 1st, 2013 | 10:29 pm

    Liposuction evolved from work in the late 1960s from surgeons in Europe using primitive curettage techniques which were largely ignored, as they achieved irregular results with significant morbidity and bleeding. Modern liposuction first burst on the scene in a presentation by the French surgeon, Dr Yves-Gerard Illouz, in 1982. The “Illouz Method” featured a technique of suction-assisted lipolysis after tumesing or infusing fluid into tissues using blunt cannulas and high-vacuum suction and demonstrated both reproducible good results and low morbidity

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