MOH Guidelines for Liposuction

MOH Guidelines for Liposuction

After the death of Franklin Heng, all of us know that it’s a good idea to have guidelines on how liposuction can be conducted.   Although this will not prevent accidents from happening again, it will at least reduce the number of cases that results in death or serious harm to the patient’s body.

Basically there are 5 main guidelines, namely:

1. GPs and specialists are allowed to remove < 1 litre of fat from healthy patients per session in medical clinics if it does not involve any general anaesthesia.

2. The doctor(s) must have the relevant training and experience in liposuction accredited by the Accreditation Committee on Liposuction (ACL). Those who are already performing liposuction in clinics must submit information on their patients and liposuction outcomes to the ACL.

3. Doctors who perform liposuction in hospitals or ambulatory surgery centres must be properly accredited by the hospitals or centres.

4. When sedation is used, another person of at least registered-nurse qualification, and with relevant training and experience in sedation, must be present.

5. All staff involved in liposuction must be trained in basic cardiopulmonary resuscitation procedures.

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