Korea – a Paradise for Women seeking Great Beauty and Pleasures

Korea – a Paradise for Women seeking Great Beauty and Pleasures

Marks for plastic surgery

Plastic Surgery Procedures

Big Demand for Cosmetic Surgery

Dreams of becoming superstars (or even becoming more popular) are reasons why more Chinese young women went to Seoul, Gangnam for their facial surgery. It is gaining general acceptance in today’s world, where beauty is judged by almost everyone, and success measured by how pretty a girl is.

Doctors said that a typical cosmetic surgery can cost up to 2 or 3 times that of China, but women (and a minority of men) still insist on looking for South Korea’s plastic surgery. This consumers or patients are willing to pay higher amounts for better and supposedly first class treatments.

Some family members and even businessmen offers cosmetic treatments as part of their “family love”, birthday gifts or business packages. This shows how well recognized plastic surgery is in Korea. The number of patients compared to last year had actually increased by approximate 33%.

One of the Leading Industries for Plastic Surgery

Korea could very well be the number one place in Asia for patients to get their cosmetic fixs soon.

Gangnam-gu, Seoul Xinsha-dong,g- Cheongju Apgujeondong, has whatever a patient needs:  dermatology, plastic surgery, body sculpting clinics, anti-aging clinics, and other “cosmetic hospital.” Not only that, the consumers are given a big variety of fashion choices e.g. cosmetics, jewelleries, perfume, etc.


Picture of Gangnam-gu at night

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