SG Billion dollar CEO Mishap During Cosmetic Surgery

SG Billion dollar CEO Mishap During Cosmetic Surgery


Franklin Heng

It’s a pity that something went awfully wrong and caused the CEO of a $1 billion property firm to died last week, following cosmetic surgery at a clinic located in prime area Orchard.

On Dec 30, Franklin Heng (very successful man at age 44)  was sent from the clinic via emergency ambulance to Tan Tock Seng Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

The case has been referred to the coroner and currently under investigation on what actually happened during the plastic surgery (cosmetic treatment)

Mr Franklin Heng had reportedly went to the clinic to have liposuction done, he was concerned about the “love-handles” he had.

Sadly, Mr Heng showed no signs of life when he arrived at the hospital, even though the doctors spent almost an hour attempting to resuscitate him, it didn’t work

> on a personal note, this plastic cosmetic industry should be strictly regulated to prevent such unfortunate things from happening again.

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