Tiger Woods going to have Cosmetic Surgery?

Tiger Woods going to have Cosmetic Surgery?

tiger-woodsScandals continues to run after star Tiger Woods. It seems that Tiger does not need to put any more extra efforts to create “publicity.” Tiger become the latest victim of celebrity plastic surgery rumors (strangely). According to several online reports, it was claimed that cosmetic surgery could be the real reason for Woods’s absence from the PGA tour.

Woods stunning fall from grace has been well published, almost daily in certain newspapers, but this piece of “news” is definitely refreshing compared to those strings of affairs that he had. The surgery, the writer claims, was necessary due to injuries Tiger Woods suffered at the hands of his wife, Elin Nordegren. That serious?

It seems a little far fetched, it’s all up to the readers to decide… or maybe more “news” will be digged out later

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