The Rising Popularity of Facial Cheek Implants

The Rising Popularity of Facial Cheek Implants

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What is Cheek Implants about?

Whether you want to create symmetry in your face, or perhaps recover from the signs of aging, many people are considering undergoing the plastic surgery procedure of facial implants.  Growing in prevalence, cheek implants help restore the youthful quality to your cheeks, and they make flat cheekbones look fuller again. Or, those who have never been happy with the appearance of their cheekbones would appreciate what this type of  plastic surgery could do for their facial appearance.

Cheek implants (submalar/malar augmentation), also sometimes referred to as cheek augmentation, is a form of  plastic surgery that can bring contour and balance to the entire face of a patient.  Indeed, cheeks play a tremendous role in creating the overall look and appearance of our face.

It Makes a Difference

Cheekbones play a big role in defining the look of the face.  For example, cheekbones that are flat can cause a nose that is big to look even bigger, and they can make a receding chin appear that much smaller. Cheekbones also serve to give balance to the face and to bring attention to the eyes.

By making modifications to the bones of the face, facial harmony can be achieved, thus giving the plastic surgeries patient a more balanced and beautiful look. It is not uncommon for a patient to have two plastic surgeries at the same time: cheek implants in conjunction with rhinoplasty (also known as a nose job).

Candidate Eligibility

A person who is considering having any type of plastic surgeries, whether it is cheek implants or another form of surgery, must be in top notch physical and emotional health. The person must not have any pre-existing medical conditions to speak of, and they must not be suffering from any type of disease.

Who are the Typical Consumers?

The individuals who most often desire cheek implants via plastic surgeries are those who have cheekbone structures that are underdeveloped.  It is also common for those who have lost the padding of healthy fat and the soft tissue that make up strong cheekbones to want to restore their youthful look.  The loss of the appearance of defined cheekbones most often happens naturally due to the aging process.

As time passes, the tissues and the fats in the cheekbones lessen. This causes the skin to sag, and then gives the appearance of flat and/or sunken in cheekbones. The lack of tissues making up the cheekbones can lead to wrinkles and folds developing around the mouth.  Female patients of plastic surgeries often want to have the sagging skin of their cheekbones repositioned in an upward direction. They also routinely want to create an outwardly direction, filling in the depressions and hollows of their cheekbones.  This can create a more youthful and vibrant appearance for any patient.

The cheek implant through plastic surgeries is often thought of as a type of scaffolding that serves to hold up tissues inside the cheekbones that have collapsed and sunken in, potentially by gravity and the hands of time.


It is essential during your consultation with the plastic surgeon that you divulge your complete medical history and tell him whether or not you have ever had any other plastic surgeries. The more information he has to add to your chart, the better prepared he will be to perform your surgery. If you have experienced dental problems in the past, this is also pertinent information for him to know.

Whether you want to rejuvenate your face structure’s youthful appearance, or perhaps give your natural cheeks greater definition, obtaining plastic surgeries in the form of cheek and facial implants can give you the beautiful look you deserve.

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