LASIK: things to avoid before and after the procedure?

LASIK: things to avoid before and after the procedure?

Ami asked:

I am planning on getting LASIK in 2 months. I was wondering how long the procesure lasts and what should I avoid before and after it?

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  1. Carson D
    September 22nd, 2009 | 1:45 am

    Things to do Before LASIK Surgery

    If you wear contact lenses, either soft contacts or rigid contacts, you should stop wearing your contacts at least three weeks before your initial evaluation by the doctor. On the day of surgery, you shouldn’t wear makeup or perfumes. Also, don’t wear any fuzzy clothing that is likely to disperse lint.

    Make sure that someone goes with you on the day of surgery, since you’ll need someone to drive you home after the LASIK procedure. Before the surgery, the doctor may give you medicine to relax you and your vision may be a little blurry immediately following surgery. Also, special eye drops are administered prior to the procedure which can cause additional, but temporary blurriness.

    Precautions After LASIK Eye Surgery

    As you start to get back into your normal daily activities, there are certain things you’ll need to avoid –

    * Don’t get involved in any activities that could result in an object coming into contact with your eyes.
    * When you shower, don’t allow the water stream to hit your eyes.
    * Don’t get soap or shampoo in your eyes.
    * Don’t get dust or pet hair in your eyes.
    * Don’t rub your eyes.
    * Don’t go out in bright sunlight without sun glasses.
    * Don’t let your eyes get too dry – use the artificial tears as often as needed.
    * Don’t rub your eyes while you’re sleeping – a special mask, provided by your doctor will protect your eyes while sleeping.

    Your eyes are important and you’ll want to protect them through the healing process. Be absolutely sure to follow your doctor’s instructions and you should have a quick, successful recovery!

  2. Margaret
    September 22nd, 2009 | 9:36 pm

    Well, I haven’t had it myself personally, but a lot of friends swear by it, and are glad that they got it. My brother got it India through India Health Guru Consultants, and he said it was great Laser eye surgery helped millions of people to be able to see, without the help of contacts and glasses. It will help you too, but make sure you get the right doctor for the procedure. After the surgery, one feels mild discomfort or pain for a couple of days. The procedure itself is not painful because they give you anaesthetic drops to numb the eye. For the first week, one may have sensitivity to light as blurry vision and dry eyes. All these side effects disappear within a few days and. The process is simple, safe and fast. They are making big improvements in this field, so it’s probably worth it if you can afford it and don’t need to use your eyes for a few days
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