Plastic Surgeons Responds to Anti-Plastic Surgery Actresses

Plastic Surgeons Responds to Anti-Plastic Surgery Actresses

A local plastic surgeon is responding to a group of British actresses who are speaking out against plastic surgery.

The actresses, including Kate Winslet, Rachel Weisz (VICE) and Emma Thompson, have formed a group called the “British Anti-Cosmetic Surgery League” where they are taking a stand against Botox, plastic surgery and youth-focused Hollywood culture as a whole.

Dr. Barry Eppley, plastic surgeon and owner of Eppley Plastic Surgery in Carmel says he questions the actresses’ stance on plastic surgery.

“When you don’t have that particular need, you can’t understand why anybody else would want it so if you look like Kate Winslet, I could understand why….why would you want to change that?” Dr. Eppley says.

However, Dr. Eppley says the stance against youth-focused Hollywood is an admirable one because he sees lots of young people who constantly say they want to look like a certain actor, actress or model. He says it’s a healthy that someone is taking a stand to stop that.


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    Kate Winslet operates at a galaxy class level in Little Children , Todd Field

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