Things to Ask and Know Before your Botox Injections

Things to Ask and Know Before your Botox Injections

Botox was not designed as a cosmetic procedure. When Botox injections first became available, they were used for patients suffering from facial spasms in their jaw muscles. Then again, it has been  discovered that the same bacteria can be used to reduce fine lines and wrinkles on your face. Many people generally get Botox under the eyes, around the mouth, and in the forehead.

Although regarded as a “medical” procedure,  Botox is conducted in rooms with no anesthesia and takes approximately 10 to 20 mins to accomplish. Using a tiny micro needle, small amounts of the Botox are injected into the area(s), leaving a  small tingling sensation behind. Muscle weakness only occurs one to two days after the injection and will return to function in 3 to 6 months time. Due to the fact that Botox is not a permanent  treatment, the injection is usually repeated on a regular basis. Temporary bruising and occasional headaches are the most common side effects of Botox. In rare cases, eyelid droop or tearing can occur, but  this is only temporary and usually due to patients rubbing the area causing toxin to migrate in the first few hours of having the treatment done.

Botox injections deliver the results by tightening the skin and muscle so the skin will stay in its contracted position. It is similar to the natural contraction of the muscles but the muscle do not relax again for a while  when using Botox injections.

You shouldn’t attempt to give yourself Botox injections. Serious side effects can result from injecting Botox in an flawed manner. Unless you want paralyzed muscles in your face, droopy eyelids, or half frowns, make sure you hire a professional to do the injections for you.

Due to the fast results not to mention ease of attaining Botox injections there is a new term – Botox Junkie. The term refers to those people who are addicted to getting the Botox injections. It has been  increasing in the last several years to the point that many people have to seek treatment because of drug addiction. There are many tips on keeping your skin looking fresh and attractive with no injections. For example, smoking has been proven to bring about more wrinkles and a leathery type feel to your skin, so quit smoking! Other suggestions you can do to keep your wrinkles to a minimum is using moisturizer, keeping healthy, exercise, proper diet and plenty of water. Water alone can increase the youthful appearance of skin. Taking good care of your body will result in less wrinkles and good looking skin.

Over the years, and even before Botox was discovered effective for facial treatment, creams and chemical peels are the most popular alternatives. They provide effective results but treatment usually requires a longer period. However with Botox treatment, you will only undergo the process of injections and will be effective for as long as six months. On the other hand, creams have to be applied every night (in some cases, even at daytime). Results will vary, depending on the kind of cream that is utilized.

When you do the sums for Botox injections regularly over the years, you might find it equally or more advantageous to undergo surgery instead of continuous Botox injections. The costs could be comparable, although the outcome may or may not be sustainable. You’ll be able to determine which option to choose after extensive consultation with your doctor regarding your situation.

Unfortunately, the effects of Botox injection are only short-lived, therefore to keep the look you’ve got received from Botox injections, you will need to return for injections every 5~7 months. You should always keep in mind, never take any other medication like aspirin to avoid bruising your skin. However, never forget that all medical treatments involve some risks. Risks are minimal when you take Botox injection.

Botox has so far been deemed relatively safe with no big side effects in most people. Prices for Botox injections range between $250 to $500 for each injection. It is highly recommended  that you only receive injections from an experienced and accredited plastic surgeon. Previously, Botox injections have been used for other purposes that bring about the discovery of its wrinkle  reducing abilities. Patients with muscles disorders like twitching from Parkinson Disease have been treated successfully with Botox.

Because the muscles are frozen with Botox, a much smoother and more younger looking appearance can be achieved. Yet, without appropriate placement of the injections, the facial expressions can  take a rather cartoonish appearance. Because of the fact that the procedure involves injections as well as the potential to cause damage to your face it is very important to seek out a doctor that is highly experienced in the injections before you actually consider having a Botox injection. Being quite clear about your expectations and finding a well-qualified doctor will allow you to achieve the perfect results, and  now that you understand how does Botox work, you are sure to be well on your way to finding the best solution for yourself.

This is the modern fountain of youth and the “potion” that will make you look young. Take a picture of yourself after taking Botox injection to see the results – you will be surprised!

If you’re  looking for a great way to lift years off your face and look younger, think about the benefits of Botox. Not only is it extremely affordable, you will not have to be embarrassed or take time off due to surgical procedures. The majority of women do not want their friends and peers to know that they have had work done. This makes Botox a very easy choice, so don’t hesitate to contact a Botox practitioner  today..

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