Botox Can Magically Make You Look Younger

Botox Can Magically Make You Look Younger

For generations individuals have admired fabulous looking people and today is no different. With such an focus on attractiveness it is not surprising that  people will go to great lengths to keep their beauty and youthful skin as long as they’re able to. One way to continue having younger looking skin is with injections of Botox.

How it Works – Botox Process

To start with,  Botox is delivered into the facial area straight into the muscles of the face using a very thin needle and injecting the Botox itself directly into the muscle. This is a procedure that must definitely be undertaken by a medical doctor to  ensure that the individual is properly treated and that there are no problems. It is important to ensure you go over any potential complications or concerns with your doctor before starting your treatment. As  the procedure is under way, the needle is carefully injected into the pre-determined spots of the face so that the Botox will both fill in the wrinkles, as well as help freeze the muscles and reduce the  chances of the wrinkles reappearing again quickly.

Botox injections succeed because Botox it is a neuro-toxin that paralyses the muscles it is injected into, e.g. zones close to the eyes and forehead , and freezing the movement in those areas. Because Botox treatments are not long-term and function by just temporarily paralyzing muscles, repeat Botox treatments are needed. When Botox shots or Botox creams are being used, there might be some puffiness and numbness close to the area that was treated, however this is quite ordinary and the effects are quite  brief.

How Botox Was Discovered?

Botox has been attracting many women despite the potential side effects and risks Botox injections can bring. Should anyone really be worried about Botox? To  understand in details you have to know a bit more regarding Botox: – the study and research of the Botox begun during 1820 when Dr. Justinus Kerner, a doctor from Germany wished to uncover the reason for demise of  individuals who died from food poisoning. The doctor uncovered that botulism was the main food poisoning factor behind it. Gradually the study carried on and it was discovered that botulinum toxin has several associated  strains among which F, E, B and A, and these 4 can be the cause of death of human beings. As luck would have it, there are couple of Botox side effects and despite the fact that a neuro-toxin is used to create the  anti-aging effect, it is still a safe procedure

For individuals who suffer with acne, scarring, Botox injections are used to help reduce the effects or to help soften old skin. Presently there are not many celebrities that have not had a Botox injection to make themselves look more youthful. Typically, guys typically choose less-invasive surgeries such as Botox treatments, collagen injections, chemical peels and microdermabrasion for instance. Botox itself is not a permanent solution and does require repeated injections in order to maintain the effects. However, immediately after the treatment, you can normally start to feel a  difference and the full effects are visible around 2 weeks later. As the Botox starts to wear off the muscles, the muscles at the site of injection will normally begin to regain function, which will cause the  wrinkles to reappear. While many older individuals are uncomfortable with wrinkles and lines, other people decide at this point that Botox is not for them and do not repeat the process.

Botox Alternatives That Can Be Considered

Skin surface peels are another Botox alternative wherein chemicals utilized, such as dermabrasion, trichloracetic acid,  laser peels, and strong phenol peels, that peels the outer dermis of your skin. This kind of treatment is also reliable though this is an expensive option. Aside from this, recovery and healing after surgery/peels may take a long time. Scarring or having an uneven skin colors may be another consequence you have to suffer after operation/peels.

It is one of the most painless ways for women to feel fresh and look younger every time they look into the mirror. One of the most common complains heard, is a type of wrinkles called the brow furrow.  When you furrow your brow, wrinkles can make you older. With a hassle-free Botox injection, you’ll be able to take 10 years off that brow, giving you the confidence you have been dreaming of.

There have been known side-effects to Botox treatments ; among them flu-like symptoms, pain and redness at the injected areas, and sometimes drooping muscle(s)  at the injected site. Despite FDA approval, Botox injections are now labeled with a black box carrying a warning of potential life threatening complications if the toxin runs further than the injection site. The 2 most serious bad effects that are documented till date are allergic implications and paralysis of muscles.  In rare cases it’s been observed that the toxins in Botox have triggered allergies which caused users to die. Some individuals were even hospitalized for many days. For that reason consider the potential bad effects of Botox before you proceed.

Botox is a great way for a woman to look several years younger without having to go through the invasive procedures of a facelift. With a facelift,  the individual may see scarring and bruises from a couple of weeks to months. With Botox, you never have to go under the knife and you can see results in as little as an hour! There is  little pain at the injection site and the process is so easy that many individuals do it on their lunch breaks. A big concern among women is whether or not their facial expressions are  going to appear natural. You do not want a procedure that is going to make you so “artificial”, or freeze your muscles so much that you can’t express yourself correctly. A good and skillful doctor will make it look very natural. This is one of  the best benefits to the procedure.

It is advisable go into any cosmetic procedure with a clear idea of what will happen to you. Being mentally prepared will make you more relaxed. Whether you go to the doctor’s office to get Botox, or have a medical specialist come to your home, the procedure will be basically the same. The injection site will be cleaned before any needles are used. Next, the doctor will inject the Botox solution. Then he or she will instruct you on post-procedure process.

There are a few costs to Botox that are not generally known: primary among these is the short-term results. Plus, you will have to include the cost of subsequent treatments to sustain the initial results. You can seek advice from your doctor on a suitable dose to lessen your wrinkles, as well as the number of repeated treatments to keep up your preferred results.

The functions of Botox are not just limited to cosmetic uses, as it has other useful medical properties too. Therefore the uses of Botox for the treatment of health conditions includes: reducing migraine and headache effects, extreme perspiration, and to help sufferers with facial muscle spasms. One of the few times when it can’t be used is when a woman is expecting a child (i.e. pregnant). One of the minus for Botox injections, is that the more frequently it’s used, the longer the period is before they can be given again as the effect can cause the muscular tissues to atrophy and a longer time-frame is required for them to recover. Botox aesthetic treatments are now #1 plastic surgery procedure in the USA with over a million treatments annually.

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