Is Botox Safe to Use Regularly?

Is Botox Safe to Use Regularly?

Botox  appears to be the new style. Every second, there’s a person either trying it, or too nervous to ask what the new hype is all about. Alright, so what is Botox, how does it work and should people be anxious regarding its  safety and additionally effects? Botox is well known for its treatment in both cosmetic and medical practices. It is however the reversing of the visible signs of aging that has resulted in curiosity in people global.  Happiness, anger and various emotions experienced in everyday activity contribute to facial muscle contraction as well as pleating of the skin. Through time, these lines tend to linger longer then desired and  become more apparent. The aim of Botox is to weaken the muscles responsible for creating the wrinkles and in turn reduce their visibility and re-occurrence.

Botox Definition

Medically speaking, botulism is a disease, but Botox, the  brand name of the commonly used aesthetic intervention, is a neuro-toxin made from from the same bacterium, clostridium botulinum. Botox injections are effective at eliminating creases we associate with the aging process but should not be considered a long-term solution as they require repeat injections. The most common Botox cosmetic treatments are those that remove the creases around the forehead region. Considering how easy the procedure is, the outcomes are remarkable leading to a much more youthful look for the recipient. Results  after Botox shots can be seen within a day or two so furrows close to the eyes, mouth and forehead are visibly reduced. Compared to various aesthetic treatments this one is fairly straightforward and is  impressive how the temporary removal of facial lines improves the youthful appearance of the recipient. Botox injections are usually under 15 minutes depending on the number of areas to be addressed.

Botox “Attacks” Your Muscles

Botox is the nickname for bacteria that attacks your muscles, paralyzing them. Since facial muscles are what leads to wrinkles in your skin, Botox has the ability to reduce the lines giving you a youthful look. However, if you want your skin to be constantly wrinkle-free, you have to get injected with Botox on a regular basis. The effects of Botox only last up to 6 months on average.

Although Botox has been the craze in the cosmetic industry ever since it was determined as the current most effective treatment one can  get to rid his/her face with the unsightly aging marks, this has not provided an instant and all-round solution to consumers. Even though there are many living testimonies to the success of the treatment, there are  those that depend on other Botox alternatives.

Bad Side Effects and Complications from Botox

Though Botox  became widely used the bad effects of Botox came out when during the period 1989 and 2003, almost 30 Botox users died. So its a dilemma whether to consider the Botox really helpful or should we refrain from using Botox.  Botox is not only for cosmetic use, but also for jaw syndromes, migraines, ailment of the nervous system. Finally after several experiments during 1989, FDA approved the botulinum of  type A and so that it can be used for treatment of eyes. There are different tips on keeping your skin looking fresh and gorgeous without injections. For example, tobacco use has been proven to result in more wrinkles and a leathery type feel to your skin, so quit smoking! Other things you can do to keep your wrinkles to a minimum is using moisturizer, keeping healthy, exercise, proper diet and plenty of water. Water alone can increase the youthful appearance of skin. Taking good care of your body will result in less wrinkles and good looking skin.

What Other Alternatives to Botox?

Another Botox alternative is through surgery. This treatment may be effective but can be more expensive than Botox. Facelift is a popular choice for removing wrinkles and lines off the face. Its success is undoubtedly one that many well-heeled ones trust over the years. It can successfully removes fine lines and wrinkles. Nevertheless, you need to pay a staggering price compared to what Botox would cost.

Marketing and advertisement gradually made the botulinum famous with the name “Botox” that spread like fire and captured the hearts of many. The effectiveness was much talked about that it’s disadvantages were almost forgotten.

Potential Serious Health Issues

There could be serious issues as well. Botox has botulism, which is a food poisoning toxin. This toxin can spread in your body putting your health at risk. However, if you are not allergic to any of its ingredients, you might not suffer from any of these risks. With the increase in demand inside the cosmetic industry, Botox has become the most wanted wrinkle reduction injection. For good results, you need to take Botox injection every 6 months (recommended), otherwise the effects of Botox begins to fade away. Botox cannot completely erase those wrinkles off your face, it merely lightens the deep wrinkles and help get rid of fine wrinkles on your face. You would be wise to keep in mind, never take any other medication like aspirin to avoid bruising your skin. Nonetheless, always bear in mind that all medical treatments involve some risks. Risks are low when you take Botox injection.

Edging other plastic surgery procedures aside, Botox is approved by the FDA. Botox treatments have a very fast recovery time with effects showing in one week and lasting for up to 6 months. Each treatment costs between $125 and $400, depending on the doctor’s  fees, the region where treatment is done and extent of the treatment. The results of Botox injection become apparent after three days only. The effects may last as long as 6 months. With time, the muscle activity will change bringing down the effects of Botox.

Many believe that this medication paralyses the facial muscles – it isn’t a false  assumption. It can happen if you take an over dosage of the medication. You should always leave it to the doctor when it comes to taking a Botox injection. The mixing of crystalline form of Botox  with a form of liquid to prepare the Botox injection is quite a task. Variation in the amount of liquid and Botox crystals definitely required some expertise work and knowledge. I am sure you would not want any side effects to happen on your face or body. Thus, it is  important to go to a physician who is a professional, has done this before, and can assure your safety and end results to you.

Your medical doctor may also prescribe supplemental medicine besides the Botox in order to counter the signs of aging. Among these would be collagen, fat or Restylane fillers. Supplemental treatments to Botox like chemical  peels, microdermabrasion and laser skin resurfacing might be advised, but these can cost thousands of dollars. You must take all of these into consideration upon deciding to use Botox to treat  your wrinkles and/or combat the signs of aging.

Whatever your age, the amount of wrinkles varies among people, just as the desire for treatments to lessen wrinkles varies. Whether you choose to look into getting Botox injections or try other things to  reduce the appearance of wrinkles, make sure you research your options extensively.

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