Advantages of Using Botox Injections

Advantages of Using Botox Injections

How Does Botox Work

As we age, our skin begins to lose its elasticity, leading to facial lines and wrinkles. Three of the most common affected areas include the forehead, around the eyes and around the mouth. Botox helps relax facial muscles and smooth lines. Before getting injected, it’s best to determine if you love your “character lines” or see them as flaws. What Botox does is basically blocks signals from the nerves to the muscles: at the area of Botox injection, the muscle can no longer contract, and this causes the wrinkles to relax and soften.

So Why do so Many People go for Botox Injection?

The Benefits Of Botox

The advantages of Botox treatments are many. The cosmetic procedure is one of the most easily administered and highly effective treatment for deep wrinkles; and because of speed, convenience and moderate affordability (average cost is USD$400 per treatment),

Using Botox can easily take years off your appearance.

Every time you raise your eyebrows, squint your eyes or frown, make any expression, your facial muscles create skin wrinkling and over time, these wrinkles can become permanent.  Even small facial lines can make you look older, fortunately Botox can reduce or eliminate these minor lines and wrinkles giving you youthful looking skin. By relaxing your facial muscles with Botox, it will smoothen out current lines and wrinkles, and these facial lines become less prominent and less likely to develop into much deeper wrinkles.

Another reason for Botox treatments’ popularity is that the process typically takes less than an hour to complete. You can practically have your Botox injection during your lunch time! Patients also see noticeable improvements in just a few days time. In comparison, a facelift surgery may require months of recovery and comes with complications.

However, Botox treatments is not without any disadvantages. Botox injection results are not permanent, and typically the results last 3 to 6 months. Therefore if you have deep lines and sagging skin, you may want to consider a more invasive facial plastic surgery instead. It will be advisable for you to seek consultation with your operating doctor before deciding.

More advantages of Botox include:

  1. It’s an injection, and is a non-invasive surgery. There are no incisions and so you do not have to worry about the treatment leaving scars on your face.
  2. Quick and safe results. Low risk and no complications.
  3. There is no need to perform allergic testing, because Botox is not derived from animal protein.
  4. Smoothes out appearance of dynamic wrinkles to soften expression lines. And wrinkles can be prevented with almost no pain, bruising or swelling, and at a fraction of the cost of a brow lift or facial resurfacing.
  5. Recovery time is short.

Long Term Cost and Botox Effects

Although, Botox is becoming one of the top popular cosmetic procedure in the world, do note that while Botox injections are relatively safe, it’s not without risk at all. Botox side effects may affect a small minority of patients.

Patients are advised that in the long run, there could be a darker side to the toxin  – Yes, Botox is a form of toxic! Repeated Botox injections over the long-term could have health effects on the individual. However, what kind and exactly how serious the health effects of Botox is unknown based on current research and lab studies. For instance, it is unknown whether the underlying facial muscles could atrophy (partial or complete wasting away of a part of the body), or if you could become resistant to the botulinum toxin and render the injections useless. Also, with Botox results effective for up to 6 months, most patients return regularly to maintain the results, and this may make an expensive routine over long term.

Make an appointment with your doctor providing Botox injections and discuss your concerns, questions and possible advantages of using Botox to revitalize your looks.

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