Average Cost of Lasik in Singapore

Average Cost of Lasik in Singapore

The cost of lasik in Singapore is considered affordable, with average prices at about $2,500 for standard normal lasik procedures. If you take into account the expenses incurred in changing your spectacles or replacing your contact lens on a monthly or yearly basis, you will realize that in a matter of 2-3 years, the cost of lasik is recovered. That being said, it is of utmost importance that a consumer make an appointment with the doctor for consultation. This is for the doctor to have a better understanding of your condition. Different individuals call for different forms of treatments (lasik vision correction). You may also take the opportunity during the consultation to ask all the questions and concerns that you have about lasik surgery.

There are a several types

  • wavefront guided lasik
  • bladeless lasik
  • epi lasik
  • femto lasik
  • presbyopia lasik

Cost of Lasik in Singapore

Shinagawa Lasik Centre
Both eyes Microkeratome Wavefront LASIK $2,555.20
One eye Microkeratome Wavefront LASIK $1,281.90
Both eyes IntraLaseĀ® Wavefront LASIK $3,090.20
One eye IntraLaseĀ® Wavefront LASIK $1,602.90

The Lasik Surgery Clinic
VISX Custom LASIK (Microkeratome) $2,139
VISX Wavefront-guided LASIK (Microkeratome) $3,198
VISX Custom LASIK (IntraLase) $2,877
VISX Wavefront-guided LASIK (IntraLase) $4,161
Epi-LASIK $4,043
The price of lasik is for both eyes.

Please note that Singapore lasik prices in the above clinics are subjected to changes. Please check with the respective doctors or clinics.

This list is definitely not complete. This is also not a direct comparison, but just an example as well as to illustrate the average prices of lasik in Singapore. Consumers are recommended to do your personal research before proceeding. The information on this page/site is kept on a best-effort-basis.

Last updated on 2011.

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