Treat your Drooping Eyes with Blepharosplasty

Treat your Drooping Eyes with Blepharosplasty

The procedure of removing the excess tissue like fat or skin that surrounds your eyes (most commonly called drooping eyes, or droopy eyelids) is known as blepharosplasty. This is a surgical process that is elective. The tissue is either repositioned or totally removed. Any surrounding muscles or tendons may be reinforced. This procedure may be carried out on your lower or even upper eye by a plastic surgeon that is qualified. Blepharoplasty cost depends on the location (country) and surgeon.
Many elderly and middle aged individuals who have problems of vision may opt for this procedure. This is because the eyes are expressive features and they are normally noticed first. Some individuals are quite conscious of this tissue that surrounds the eyes and might consider such cosmetic surgery of importance.

One of the things that causes variation in the cost of this procedure is the demand for the treatment. The costs are usually high in areas where demand is high and drastically reduce where demand is low. It is however not as costly as other kinds of plastic surgery. The cost of lower eyelid surgery may be slightly higher than that of upper eyelid surgery.

The other factor that could affect the cost is the level of expertise of the surgeon. A surgeon who is very well experienced and who has created a name for himself might charge higher compared to other surgeons. Other factors that could create differences in costs are the additional costs that are involved. This is due to the fact that anesthesia and hospital equipment differ from one facility to the other.

The cost usually includes various charges including anesthesia, surgical suite fee and surgeon’s fee. Before you undergo the procedure, it would be good to prepare yourself by weighing the advantages and disadvantages of the process. You should also gather the finances required.

You go for the surgery as an outpatient and recovery takes a short time. You are given lubrication eye drops plus medicine to relieve pain during the first days after your surgery. You are advised to refrain from straining your eyes by watching television or reading to facilitate quicker recovery. After approximately 3 weeks of recovery, you are able to resume your normal chores.

Although blepharoplasty cost may vary, the costs are usually average. One is advised to compare costs offered by the different hospitals and doctors before undertaking the procedure. One can get such information online. After doing the comparisons one may choose a cost to suit his pocket.

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