Mascara vs Eyelash Extensions

Mascara vs Eyelash Extensions

For those who are tired of applying mascara, it’s time to consider using eyelash extensions to enhance their eyes. There are millions of people around the world including celebrities who use these lashes. However, there are a few things that users need to know before trying out these lashes.

mascara-vs-eyelash-extensionsPeople have probably heard the false beliefs that surround the use of these extensions. These extensions are not the same as eyelash implants or eyelash clusters. There are many fake eyelash clusters that may resemble these lashes but they are not as long-lasting. They may only last a few hours or a day at most.

These particular extensions are long lasting and can take one about seven months before they fall out. Eyelash implants on the other hand involve surgical operations to sew hair from the back of the user’s head and implanted on the lash line.

It is always risky when people use mascara on top of the extensions. Mascara contains harsh properties that weaken the extensions causing them to wear out quickly. These extensions do not even require any enhancements as they are naturally dark, long and thick to be spotted from a far distance. If one must really use the mascara they should then consult a beauty professional who will advice them to go for a special that is custom-made for such like extensions.

An eye curler is a must have for people who are crazy about using these lashes due to the way the extensions are positioned. People using such lashes to can engage in some work out activities or even swimming as having the extensions does not prohibit one from such. These activities can be carried out for as long as the extensions have been given ample time to hold firmly to the lash line.

An eye curler can be used when having the extensions on as they point extensions point straight ahead or upwards. It is also important to swim or exercise when wearing the extensions but they should first be given a day to allow the adhesive holding them in place to harden. People using these extensions should not expose them to direct water flow when taking a shower. The pressure resulting from the water can make the lashes to fall out quickly. Nothing comes easy, one has to be committed to achieve a perfect look when using such extensions. Through experience and constant advice from salon experts will enable one to get used to the idea of comfortably using the extensions.

There are people with almost unnoticeable or short lashes, using these lashes can be a good way to enhance their eyes. It also works well for those people with bulky eyes that make them appear much older than they really are. Using these extensions is one of the safest ways to enhance ones eyes as opposed to other procedures including perming the natural lashes. They look more fabulous than the most imitation eye enhancements. They can be a worth beauty regime for individuals who wish to look great all the time. Moreover, these lashes do not smudge like mascara making them the most preferred beauty option for most people.

It is recommended that those using eyelash extensions do so under the supervision of a certified beauty professional. Moreover, one should go to a professional when they want to have the extensions to be removed. Attempting to do it personally may results in serious eye damage especially when the extensions have been pulled off unprofessionally. There is a special solution that is used in softening the adhesive on the extensions for safe removal.

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